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December Mustard Seed

Note from the Pastor’s Desk

Recently, my family went to see the movie “Justice League.”  It is a fun superhero movie, which my kids (including my husband) enjoyed.  Even though the story was predictable, the movie’s main theme spoke to my heart.  It was a theme about the power of teamwork.  Sometimes, even superheroes need to work together.

As many of you know, our denomination is facing the possibility of a schism over the issue of human sexuality.  At last month’s Charge Conference, I was reminded of how divisive this issue is.  In times like this, it’s helpful to hear the message of unity and cooperation.  The Church needs to hear this message.  When we work together and focus on our common mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ, we can overcome any obstacle.

During the Advent season, I will be preaching on the theme, “Christmas is not your birthday”.  In this series, we’ll be reminded that Christmas is not the season of extravagant spending on gifts for family and friends.  It’s not the season of upgrading our tv and electronics.  It’s not a shopping season.  Christmas is the celebration of God’s hope born into the world.  Christmas is a holy season reminding us of the true meaning of life and the truth of Emmanuel – God with us. So, let’s remember to keep Christmas centered on Christ.

I hope you can join us for worship during the Sundays of Advent.  I also hope you’ll invite family and friends to join us for worship on Christmas Eve.  We’ll gather for services on Sunday, December 24 @ 9 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM.

I’ll close with this thought.  At the end of the “Justice League,” Lois Lane says, “Darkness is the conviction that light will never come back.  But the light always comes and leads us home.”

May we remember that God sent the light of the world to save you and me.  May we remember how light drives back the darkness.  Let’s praise God as we celebrate the birth of the Light of the World.

Merry Christmas!

Rev. Sarah H. Hong